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Direct Mail Marketing Services Kansas City

Ron Cline

Ron has been involved in the mail and/or parcel processing industry for more than 20 years. This has been a rewarding business to be involved in and has allowed him to use his education and experience in retail to provide services to both the retail and wholesale markets concerning the movement of mail, parcels, and heavy freight.

In 2006, Ron created the first-ever online freight processing program for the retail pack and ship industry which has gone on to be very successful. Also during that time, he was fortunate to have been considered one of the experts in the field of parcel packing, allowing him the opportunity to travel the country to share his knowledge with others.

Ron has owned and operated two companies, Mail & More and Mail Works. At this time, Ron is concentrating on providing quality mail processing services to Mail Works clients. Ron's goal is to continue growth at Mail Works and add more value and services as the business grows and develops.


Direct Mail, EDDM 

Mail processing, packing, shipping, freight, general logistics.
MS Office applications, especially Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
Public speaking and training for groups from 1 to 100 or more.


Proud Member of NEJC Chamber

Mail Services Kansas City
Direct Mail Marketing Services Kansas City
Ron Cline
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