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Businesses and non-profits use Mailworks Kansas City for direct mail because
our pricing and customer service are the best in the metro. 

Mail List Procurement



Whether you're a B2B (business-to-business) company or direct-to-consumer business, if mail is part of your business, MailWorks can offer the most up-to-date lists available, and often at a reduced cost to you. We partner with secure and reliable list procurement providers to obtain only the most accurate and effective addresses for your mailing and marketing database. The more targeted your list, the more effective your mailing, thus the more return you get on your investment.


Need help segmenting your list? We do that, too. Segmenting helps you target your audience by age, location, business type and size, and even household income levels.


Data Management



Quality data is essential to a solid marketing plan and ensures the best marketing practices are being followed. It is expensive to acquire consumer and prospect data. The growing mountain of data from different sources and various formats makes it that much more challenging to keep up with. When we run your list for you, we comb for duplicates, run the lists through an NCOA (National Change of Address) system, and help you keep your contacts up to date and current.

Creative Direction



Have an idea, but not sure how to get it out of your head? We hate when that happens. Fortunately, we understand, and we can help. The best ideas in the world come from great brainstorming sessions with like-minded creatives. And, we have the knowledge, experience and talent to get you where you need to go, faster. Ultimately, it's about reaching a common goal - to get your audience to respond to your call to action.

Graphic Design Services



The benefit of having creative services in-house is having the graphic design capability to back it up. Whether you need a new logo, marketing brochure or flier, a newsletter, or mailers , we are here to create your vision, even if you don't know exactly what you want until you see it. We pride ourselves on the ability to understand our customers so that we can produce the perfect layout to bring your concept to life.

Direct Mail & Presort Services




MailWorks supports your direct mail efforts with urgency and technical expertise. Timing is everything, and we value the importance of your mail schedule. Our presort services provide you with some of the lowest postage rates available. We are dedicated to providing cost-effective mailing options while meeting sensitive turn-around times. Let us free you from direct mail hassles and unnecessary expenses. 

Do you have an EDDM direct mail project? Give us a call, you will find our pricing is unbeatable. Give us a call.  



Direct Mail Services Kansas City

"For me, helping clients is all about seeing the bigger picture. That's what this world is all about – people helping one another out. Nothing pleases me more than knowing I've made someone's life a little easier each day."


Ron Cline


Read more about Ron on The Northland Chamber Spotlight.

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